Bernier Island

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Shark Bay Ultimate Adventure
(Carnarvon & Shark Bay)

Can't decide on just one tour??  Why not see it all on this ultimate adventure around the UNESCO World Heritage Shark Bay Marine Park.  Your full day's itinerary is listed below.....

*per person pricing is based on minimum passenger numbers assuming all seats on the relevant aircraft are occupied. This Adventure is only able to be conducted in our 4 seater helicopter given flight over water requires additional safety equipment.  Contact us today for your customised quote. 

*Children between the ages of 3 and 13 years old (who meet the weight criteria) and is the second person on a 'shared' seat will be eligible for a 50% discount on their ticketed seat price.

Length of tour: 4 hours.

From $1,600 per guest*

Cape Inscription

Monkey Mia

Steep Point

Ocean Park

Shell Beach

Land and Explore.

Steep Point

Big Lagoon

Dirk Hartog Island

Monkey Mia

Cascoyne Flats-Coral Coast Helicopter Se

Depart Carnarvon in style and track south over the picturesque, shallow waters of the Gascoyne Flats and Bush Bay.

The exquisite mangrove coastline contrasted with the turquoise waters and golden sand sure is a wonderful sight to start the day.


Over-Fly Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve.

Shell Beach is made up of millions and millions of Hamelin Cockel Shells.  These tiny  shells have stunted growth caused by the high salinity levels in Hamelin Pool.


Take in the raw beauty of the pre-historic, living Stromatolites of Hamelin Pool.  These Stromatolites are one of only three clusters of living stromatolites in the entire world.

RAC Monkey Mia with Coral Coast Helicopt

Morning Tea stop at RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.  Find out for yourself why Monkey Mia is one of WA's favourite tourist destinations.

Enjoy a lush morning tea, and a lovely stroll along the beach as dolphins play at your feet.

Shark Bay - Coral Coast Helicopter Servi

Depart Monkey Mia and track along the eastern edge of Cape Peron NP.....all the way to Cape Peron North, a beautiful location where the red sand hills fall graciously into the turquoise water.

Big Lagoon - Coral Coast Helicopter Serv

Big Lagoon is Shark Bay's largest protected lagoon and is quite a site from above.  This special place attracts photographers from all over the world and you will find out why.

Ocean Park - Coral Coast Helicopter Serv

Visit the world class Ocean Park Aquarium where you will be treated to a fully guided tour of the aquarium and shark tank.  Tours are conducted by experienced marine biologists who will share with you their impressive knowledge of the species that inhabit the Shark Bay area.

Lunch on the deck is a real treat at Ocean Park.

Steep Point - Coral Coast Helicopter Ser

Stop-off at Steep Point, the most western point of the Australian mainland.  This bucket list experience is an absolute must considering the distance you have already traveled.  The area is also historically rich with tales of ship-wrecks, discovery and tragedy seasoning many a history book.

Cape Inscription - Coral Coast Helicopte

Next stop......Dirk Hartog Island.  Fly the entire length (almost 80km) of the stunning island as you casually meander past untouched, sandy bays to the rugged cliffs which stand up hundreds of feet out of the treacherous Indian Ocean.  Explore the history surrounding Cape Inscription with a short walking tour.

Island Scenic - Coral Coast Helicopter S

Dorre and Bernier Islands are one of Australia's best kept secrets.  Both are Class A Nature Reserves and are home to a number of highly endangered marsupials.

The Islands also have a dark and tragic history as you'll learn more about whilst on this unique tour.

Shark Bay Ultimate Adventure
Shark Bay Ultimate Adventure

Coral Coast Helicopter Services

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Shark Bay Ultimate Adventure
Shark Bay Ultimate Adventure

Coral Coast Helicopter Services

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Shark Bay Ultimate Adventure
Shark Bay Ultimate Adventure

Coral Coast Helicopter Services

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