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Coral Coast Helicopter Services - Aerial Work - Aerial Vermin Control
Aerial Vermin Control


Our Pilots and Marksmen are highly experienced in the aerial control of vermin species and are able to provide you a highly professional and cost effective service.  Our crews undergo stringent and regular check and training ensuring incomparable effectiveness for every tasking. 


Our company and crew all hold all current and relevant CASA approvals.  We are an approved supplier of aerial vermin control services for the Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) as well as numerous Regional Biosecurity Groups (RBG's) across the state of Western Australia.

Animal Welfare

All shooting operations are carried out to the highest standard to ensure the swift and humane destruction of our target species.  All operations are conducted in accordance with the 'Animal Welfare Act 2002' and the 'Code of Practice for the Capture and Marketing of Feral Animals in Western Australia'.  

Target Species

Whether it's large feral herbivores like camels, donkeys and horses or smaller target species such as pigs, emus, wild dogs, foxes and cats, we have the people and expertise to get the job done for you effectively, efficiently and humanely.

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